2015 is the year of the Pirate, well so have been the last 5 years at Pirate Manor but this year is special!  We had added animation to our cast and crew! 


New in 2014 ...... talking pirates that cast aspersions and brandish bladed weapons!

Our seadogs have been hard at work scripting, animating and orchestrating the entire crew of our ghostly ship!

... But that wasn't enough, on the docket this year was also a fully articulating telepresence pirate that allows us to insult each other at a safe distance.



Powered by OpenSource and tiny compute .... it turns out, size isn't everything.


One of our scurvy mates synchronizing cannon PODs.  Each of units are autonomous units complete with their own Pi, smoke generation, lighting and servo controlled baffling system, yeah ... it just go real!

Initialization, and test firing of a single cannon.  Up close and personal.

All cannons sync'd, validating our message bus and commands

A few pics of the cannons under construction, in place and positioned for the show

They mostly come out at night ........................... mostly.


A popular Internet Relay Chat message bus is leveraged to distribute commands across the display and orchestrate shows, lighting, animation, music and sound effects.

Many pirates have joined the Hair Club for Men!